Corky (Pictured left) Rascal (Pictured right) both came into our rescue from a North Carolina shelter. They along with several other puppies arrived with Parvo, a very dangerous and deadly virus for puppies to have. Every sick puppy had to be hospitalized for several days as they fought for their lives and the costs were off the charts.

In the end, one puppy sadly did not survive but the others including Corky and Rascal survived and they are both now in loving forever homes thanks to the generosity of local animals lovers that give and allow us to provide for these animals in their times of need.

Delilah came to us in September of 2007 with 7 little puppies and a huge open wound on the side of her back foot. When the vet saw it, she said it had not been cared for and was getting badly infected. To clean and close the wound, surgery was required to make things all better for Delilah. Thankfully, we were able to provide the care that Delilah needed and that we got to her in time or the infectyion could have killed her. She is now in a wonderful forever home.
All four of the above pictured dogs..Lola, Genie, Missy and Lady Bug came into our rescue and we found out that they were Heartworm positive. Heartworm is a parasite transmitted by mosquitos to dogs and eventually ends up as worms in the dog's heart and is deadly. We treated all four of these dogs successfully and they are all happy and healthy thanks to generous donors and adopters.